FICA Requirements for Close Corporation

Close Corporation
  • Founding documents
    • Founding Statement and Certificate of Incorporation (CK1); and
    • Amended Founding Statement (CK2) (if applicable)
  • Proof of physical operating address. If multiple addresses, proof of physical operating address must be given for the office seeking the business relationship AND the Head Office. Click here to view a comprehensive list of acceptable documents.

  • Document(s) issued by the South African Revenue Services bearing the close corporation's income tax and value added tax registration numbers. Only applicable if the close corporation has been issued such numbers. 

  • A resolution/mandate authorising representative(s) to establish a business relationship or enter into a transaction on behalf of close corporation.

  • FICA information and documents must be provided in respect of individual persons that are connected to and / or who represent the close corporation. These "connected persons" are as follows:

    • each member of the close corporation; and
    • each authorised representative.

Click here to view a comprehensive list of the information and documents required for these connected persons. 


  1. All documents provided must be either:

    • An original, or
    • A copy of the original document sighted by a Basic Sense employee, or
    • A copy of the original document certified by an independent Commissioner of Oaths (Certification must contain the full names, title and signature of the Commissioner of Oaths and wording should stipulate "Certified a true copy of". Where the document has more than one page, the stamp/full commission must appear on either the front or back page and the Commissioner must initial every page of the document in between.)

  2. Documents must be posted / hand delivered to:

Basic Sense (Pty) Ltd
Corner of Sybrand van Niekerk Highway & Johan le Roux off-ramp