Formal Auctions


Property - Automobile - Movables

Basic Sense has positioned itself as a Boutique Auction House within the industry. Our Formal Auctions are conducted by a professional auctioneer in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (68 of 2008) and Financial Intelligence Centre Act (38 of 2001).

General and Themed Formal Auctions are planned and advertised months in advance, providing our valued Fica Verified Account holders and members of the general public the opportunity and sufficient time to submit their items for participation. "In the Pipeline" events are advertised on our website and interested companies or individuals can use our convenient online submission form to submit items that meet the advertised criteria. After the selection process has been completed we formalise a unique marketing strategy for the event. Our customers' bottom-line results is our top priority. This approach has given Basic Sense the competitive edge to focus on each Fica Verified Account holder personally. We love our customers!

If you have something really special, whether it is a Property, Automobile or Movable item, and it does not fit in with any of the pipeline themed events, please contact us using our Online Contact Form and we will make a plan!

Pipeline and upcoming Formal Auction events are advertised in our Calendar. Detailed FAQs address the majority of questions you may have regarding the Formal Auction environment. For any other general Auction enquiries, please contact us using our Online Contact Form.